Lesson #6: Pathway of the Mind


The Mind (the Directive Principle) is the sixth Pathway of Spirituality. Ideas and thoughts are directed by the Mind. These guide and direct our experiences that help us understand this wonderful world we live in. Clear and logical thinking puts associations and patterns together to form a coherent picture of the physical world and also creates a world of possibilities. The Mind forms the structure of our prayers so that the Universe can manifest our desires.

The Mind has a special energy, one recorded by science. This energy is not only the energy of the thinking process, but it is also the energy of “will power.” Will power is the force that gets us moving toward a goal and it begins with intention. It is the Directive Principle.

Consciousness is contained within the Mind. It is different from the consciousness that is contained within the Heart. Body consciousness is a part of Heart consciousness. The two consciousnesses are intertwined in the body and with Soul consciousness in the realm of spirit. It is this interrelatedness of the three consciousnesses that forms a wholeness. Mind consciousness is what awakens us to the wonder of life.

Inspiration comes from the Heart, but it is the Mind that puts it into expression, gives it structure in the physical world. Everything that is created by humans begins with an idea, an inspiration in the Mind. The perfect vision comes to light and the Mind figures out how to construct it. Part of the fun of the Mind is constructing things. It has to do with logical thinking and how things fit together in a practical way.

The Mind is considered the Directive Principle, the Yang, the masculine. Every human being is created with both the Directive Principle (Masculine – Mind) and the Receptive Principle (Feminine-Heart). When they are working together, they immerse us in “the flow.” This is a state of being in which everything works perfectly, and we lose track of time and space. This is the best function of the creative process.

Observing is one of the gifts of the Mind. It uses observations to understand the present and create plans for the future. Observation helps with logical thinking. Logical thinking shows us different possibilities or outcomes for our thoughts.

The brain is the receptacle for Mind consciousness. The brain is the second organ to develop in the body after conception (the first is the heart). It continues to develop until age 25. Mind consciousness begins to reside in the brain at 7 weeks when the brain separates into its place and function. It is fully in the brain and body when the baby first smiles in response to outside stimuli.

Mind consciousness develops the ego habit at an early age to help it survive until about age 13 when logical thinking is able to take over with positive thoughts. The ego habit is a gift but often gets out of hand. Part of the work of the Mind is to integrate the ego habit into a higher spiritual process. The Mind is the guide and teacher of the Heart. The Mind is also in charge of uplifting all thoughts to a higher level of spirituality. When our thoughts are elevated, we can see the bigger picture of Unity.

“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you filter it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.” – The Buddha

Prayer for the Mind Principle

Divine Creator of the Universe, open my mind to new possibilities and new ways of thinking. Strengthen my connection to my Heart and Soul so I may follow my life’s purpose. May I create only things of beauty and spirit as I remember the Unity of all life. And so, it is.

Affirmation for the Mind

My mind and the Mind of God are One.

Meditation: Quieting the Mind to Listen

Find a quiet place to meditate. Take a few deep breaths relaxing the body and the emotions. Savor the stillness as you breathe slowly and deeply. Notice the thoughts as they arise in your consciousness. Simply observe them and let them drift away until no other thoughts are there. The more you release your thoughts, the quieter your mind becomes. Stay in this sacred silence for as long as you can. If another thought arises, simply let it drift away. With practice you will be able to stay in the quiet longer. Now you can feel the Presence and hear the Voice of God.

Spiritual Practices

Week 1 - The Mind: Mindfulness. Being mindful is paying attention in the moment. Slow down and be mindful of the sounds, the sights, the tastes, scents, and feelings in each moment. Don’t rush through things. Be in the present moment. There is nothing so important as this moment, this place. Give a prayer of gratitude for the blessings of the present moment.

Week 2 - The Mind: Emotions. Emotions follow thoughts. Be mindful of your thoughts. Ask your Heart to notify you when a negative emotion arises. Stop for a moment and trace the thought that caused the emotion. Take a breath and count to 4 as you clear your mind and open it to a new positive thought. Deliberately think of a joyful, happy thought and breathe energy into the new positive thought. Thank your Heart for helping you.

Week 3 - The Mind: Positivity. Write an affirmation for the Mind and say it every day. Use only positive words and envision positive outcomes. Use the three-person form: I, you, your name. Example: I am aligned with the Mind of God. You are aligned with the Mind of God. (Your name) is aligned with the Mind of God.

Week 4 - The Mind: Spiritual Life. Cultivate your spiritual life. Take time to fill your Mind with positive spiritual thoughts and ideas. Find new affirmations to say daily. Pray for guidance and insights and be grateful every morning and night. Stay away from negative news. Add candle lighting to your spiritual practice as a symbol of your intention to live a more spiritual life.

Extra Spiritual Practice. Take a new spiritual course or join a new spiritual discussion group to uplift your Mind.