Lesson #2: Pathway of Love


Love is the second Pathway of Spirituality. Love is the substance and power of the Universe. We were made in Love by our Creator, and we are sustained by that Love. All of Creation is an expression of God’s Love. There is a sacredness to Love in all its forms and expressions. Love is the energy of Life.

There are no words that can describe Love fully, but we have an innate knowledge of Love and can feel Love when our hearts are open. We thrive on Love. We grow in Love. We are to share and radiate Love out into the world.

Daphne Rose Kingma says, “Love is mysterious and beautiful. It makes us happy, gives us hope, allows us to believe that the impossible is possible. You can’t contain it; you can’t put it in a box, but you can feel it, taste it, and know it.”

We can love and be loved, give and receive Love, and can realize when Love is present. Love is always nurturing and contains tenderness and respect, affection and selflessness. Love moves us towards Unity, towards the understanding of Oneness.

God is Love, we are Love, all of Life is Love.

Prayer for Love

Spirit of Love and Life, guide us to open our hearts more fully, to feel the sacredness of Love more deeply, and to be committed to expressing Love in every moment. We are so very grateful to realize Your Love is within and all around us. Your Love is ever-present in our lives. We are grateful for Love.

Affirmation for Love

God is Love. I am Love. You are Love. There is only Love.

Meditation: Being Love

Sit quietly and calm your mind and emotions. Breathe deeply a few times and bring yourself to your Center of Peace. Feel the sacred Love of God within you slowly start to grow and expand. Allow yourself to feel each step of radiance as this Love expands within you. You are nurturing your Soul with Love. Feel this Love expand until it flows out of you, first from your heart and then from every cell in your body until you are glowing with the radiance of God’s sacred Love. Take a deep breath and be that sacred, radiant Love. Know that you are truly Love. Stay in this radiance for as long as you like. Slowly let the feeling of Love fade back to the radiance in your Heart. Know you can touch this Love and expand this Love anytime you choose. You are Love. End your meditation with a few deep breaths and gratitude for the Love that you Are. Bring yourself back to the present moment, feeling wonderful and whole. Do this meditation every day for this month.

Spiritual Practices

Week 1 - Love: Expressions of love. Reflect on the different expressions of Love that you have felt in your life. How did Love feel to you as a baby? A young child? A teenager? A young adult? An older adult? Did your understanding of Love expand? What do you need today to feel loved? Reflect and write in your Journal what you discover.

Week 2 - Love: Make a list. Make a list of all the things you love about yourself. Be specific and truthful. Write down three new things every day until you have 30 things you love about yourself. Yes, you can find 30 and more. Read your list once a month for a year or longer.

Week 3 - Love: Surround yourself in love. Surrounding yourself in Love. First, say to yourself every morning as you look into the mirror into your own eyes, “I Love You. I Love You. I Love You.” Say it until you feel your inner self responding, then smile, and say it one more time. “I Love You.” Call up this feeling of Love during the day knowing it is God expressing Love to you.

Week 4 - Love: Express God's love. Expressing God’s Love into the world. Kind acts and kind words are one of the best ways to express God’s Love to others. Be mindful of every opportunity you have to do a kind deed or say kind words to another. Make a point of doing an extra kind deed every day this week. Be sure to include your loved ones in this practice. They always like to hear “I love you,” at unexpected times. Give out plenty of sincere compliments, even to strangers. Greet everyone you meet even if they don’t respond. Be Love.

Extra Spiritual Practice - Love: Valentine love. Make valentines and give them out to those you love and care about. Put a blessing and prayer into each card. Handmade valentines are wonderful expressions of Love.