Lesson #3: Pathway of the Soul


The Soul is the third Pathway of Spirituality. The Soul is the part of you created by God that is eternal. It is the Holy Spirit within you. Your Soul is who you really are – it is the sum of your existence this far and all that you are becoming. The Soul is perfect and immortal. It is the animating essence of you as a human being. Your Soul infuses every cell of your body, in your thoughts, and in your feelings. It is the continuing part of you from lifetime to lifetime and beyond.

Our Soul is “assisting us to evolve from five-sensory humans into multi-sensory humans” so that we can consciously perceive the invisible or spiritual realm. Gary Zukav also says that “your soul is not a passive or theoretical entity that occupies a place in the vicinity of your chest cavity. It is a positive, purposeful force at the core of your being…that loves without restriction and accepts without judgment.”

The Soul lives in both the spiritual and material worlds for it has a body of Light. It brings light and realization from the spiritual realm into the material realm. The Soul is a Messenger of Love from the Divine. Some believe that the Soul is a Guardian Angel. Others term the Soul the Higher Self or Selves. Still others believe that our Souls are our Spiritual Parents. Every part of Creation has a Soul. Whatever you choose to believe, your Soul is an important part of your life, teaching, encouraging, and supporting you with unconditional Love and leading you into a spiritual and fulfilling life.

Prayer for the Soul

O Holy Spirit who has placed my Soul within my mind and heart and body, may I be open to the wisdom within me. May I listen to this sacred guidance that will bring me to the Light. May my thoughts, words and deeds reflect only Love and Light and may my Soul illuminate my path from this moment onward. I am so grateful to embrace my Soul.

Affirmation for the Soul

My Soul is ever guiding me toward the Light. I and my Soul are One in loving purpose. I choose to be a soul-filled human being.

Meditation: Your Soul

Sit quietly and calm your mind and emotions. Let your body relax and breathe into the silence. Imagine you are standing face to face with your Soul. What does your Soul look like? Your Soul has a message for you today. Open your spiritual ears to hear this sacred message. Ask your Inner Self to remember this message so you can reflect upon it after your meditation. Be in the warm and loving presence of your Soul for as long as you desire. There is no rush, no place you need to be except here with your Soul. Feel the Love from your Soul. This is such a sacred Love, one that you can reach out and touch any time you need reassurance. Embrace your Soul and strengthen the place within you that holds your Soul. When you are ready to return to the mundane world, give thanks for this time your Soul has been with you in a new way. Bring yourself back to the present moment, feeling wonderful and whole, loved and cherished by your Soul.

Spiritual Practices

Week 1 - Soul: Gratitude to your soul. Open the door to your Soul. Every morning, with your prayers, ask your Soul to be with you. Every evening just before you go to sleep, say a prayer of gratitude to your Soul for the guidance and inspiration and healing you received during the day. It is said that the last thought you have before going to sleep is the thought you will meditate on in the dream world. Let that thought be of your Soul. Say an affirmation that sets your intention of inviting your Soul into your life such as: Dearest and beloved Soul, thank you for being with me today. Thank you for guiding and healing and loving me. I am truly, truly grateful.

Week 2 - Soul: Recognize the soul. Recognizing the Soul in the Other. Each and every part of Creation has a Soul from the tiny mosquito to each stone and plant and element. Even our Planet Earth has a Soul. Set your intention to look for the Soul in every person you meet today. Look for the Soul in every part of Creation. Take a Wonder Walk and bow your head in respect to all the Souls you meet on your path.

Week 3 - Soul: Wisdom of your soul. Listening to the Wisdom of Your Soul. We often receive an overwhelming feeling or nudge about something we need to understand or do. This strong feeling is a message from our Soul, which communicates with us without words through our Inner Self. Pay attention this week to any and all feeling messages from your Inner Self or your body that are stronger. These will be inspiring messages filled with compassion and love. Take loving action on these messages.

Week 4 - Soul: Spirituality of the soul. Meditate upon the spiritual aspects of your Soul. Write down in your journal or notebook all of the qualities of the Soul that you wish to incorporate into your life. Then meditate on these spiritual qualities and ask for guidance on how to bring them into your daily life. Be truthful with yourself about what you wish to learn. Then be mindful and listen carefully with both mind and heart. Your Soul will always answer your requests. The guidance might come through a new book, a Facebook post, from someone at the market or gas station, from a child or an Elder. Or it might be a deep feeling or an insightful thought that catches your attention. Reflect on this guidance and work to strengthen this spiritual aspect within yourself.

Extra Spiritual Practice - Soul: Heart and Mind. Color Meditation for Heart and Mind. Assemble paper, crayons, or colored pastels. Meditate on your Soul. When you are ready, let your Heart choose a color and color the entire piece of paper with the single color. Let your Mind look at the colored paper, turning it in all directions until objects begin to appear. They might be shapes or forms, identifiable or abstract. Let your Heart choose a contrasting color and together outline what you see on the paper. Let the shapes just appear to your Mind– don’t try to force them to be anything. You are not creating a picture but a feeling. Put a title to your art work and save it for further contemplation.