Lesson #5: Pathway of the Heart


The Heart (the Receptive Principle) is the fifth Pathway of Spirituality. Feelings are so much of who and what we are. We speak of the Heart (feelings), as being separate from the Mind (thoughts). It is useful to describe things as separate in order for us to understand them better, but in true reality there is no separation. We are One – Heart, Mind, and Spirit, both physical and spiritual.

The Heart is the vessel for Love. It holds all of our understanding of Love and all of our feelings of Love, our desires, and our passions. The Caretaker of our Heart is our Inner Child, the innocent part of us that cares only for Love. Our Heart is precious and dear and naturally joyful. Joy is a part of the feeling of Love.

The Heart is also the vessel that holds the subconscious part of us, and it is 98% of who we are. The Mind holds the conscious part, only 2% of who we are. Most humans believe they are only Mind, not living fully connected with their Hearts.

The Heart is considered the Receptive Principle, the Yin, the Feminine. Every human being is created with both the Receptive Principle (Feminine) and the Directive Principle (Masculine) the Yang, both of equal value and necessary for manifesting and creating our dreams and desires. It is our responsibility to nurture both principles to be whole.

The secret of Creation is in the Heart and that secret is the feeling of Love. Love is the light hidden in matter. Love is peace, relationship, connection, and life. Love listens, nurtures, connects and is sensitive. Kindness and compassion, community, and connection come from our Receptive Principle – our Heart. This is our softer side where we choose to just BE.

Being receptive means to be open to new ideas in the endless flow of creativity and to be responsive to them. It also means to discern with the wisdom of our intuition, to let the Truth flow through us in a natural way. The world is in need of Heart energy right now.

Most importantly, the connection to the Divine Spirit is through the Heart, not through the Mind. The Mind must go through the Heart to connect with God.

“By being peaceful, quiet, and receptive, you pattern yourself in the image of God and you regain the Power of your Source.” – Wayne Dyer

Prayer for the Heart Principle

Divine and Gracious Spirit of Peace, open our hearts to be receptive and to listen. In the quietness, speak to us of Love, of Life, of Inner Wisdom. Strengthen our connections with our selves, others, and the Greater Community of Life. May our hearts beat together with Your Heart to bring joy and hope to all of Creation. We are One.

Affirmation for the Heart

I am Love. There is nothing but Love in my life.

Meditation: Connecting with Love

In your quiet place, go to your Center of Peace. Breathe deeply and as you breathe in, breathe in Light. As you exhale, breathe out Love. Do this a few times until you feel the Love within and without. Now envision all of those you Love connected with a strand of bright Love, forming a web of Light and Love. Keep adding people and other parts of creation until your Web of Love expands instantly into a connection with all of Creation. Feel your place in the Great Web of Love and Life. You are connected to All That Is, All That Was, and All That Will Be. Sit with this feeling just being. Anchor this feeling of connection into your Heart to take with you as you return slowly to the present moment, refreshed and feeling loved. Awaken yourself back into this physical space and time.

Spiritual Practices

Week 1 - The Heart: Mindfulness. Be mindful of all the Love in your life and how that is expressed. If you have an animal companion, note how it expresses love to you and how you express love to it. If you don’t have an animal companion, observe someone else and their interactions with their companion. Note how the new flowers love the sun and how the sun loves them. Be mindful of the loving expressions of your family and friends. See if you can find any new subtle ways that they express love to you and you to them. Give yourself some extra love and note how your heart expands. Journal your new discoveries.

Week 2 - The Heart: Gratitude. Every day this week, recall one person you don’t feel love for and write their name on a small piece of paper. Take the piece of paper out into Nature and bury it under a favorite tree, bush, or flower with a prayer of gratitude that they have been a part of your life. Throughout the day expand your Heart into more gratitude for that person and for everyone in your life.

Week 3 - The Heart: Heart Self. Get to know and love yourself. If you are yearning for love, turn inward and reach out to your Heart Self, you Inner Child, and give yourself an abundance of love. The more love you give yourself, the more love you will feel. This love is deeper and more satisfying than any love you might hope to get from someone else. Talk to yourself. Tell yourself that you love you. Look in the mirror and say, “I love you,” and really mean it. Praise yourself, say thank you to yourself. Honor yourself. You are honoring and loving the Heart of God within you.

Week 4 - The Heart: Spirit. Before you release your prayers this week, first take four deep breaths holding the energy. Then say your prayers out loud. As you seal your prayers to be sent, reach down into your Heart Self and generate as much Love as you can, really feel it. Send this Love and your prayers together. This is a spiritual practice to connect Heart and Mind with Spirit to manifest the highest good for all.

Extra Spiritual Practice - The Heart: Child of God. Take yourself on a date. Buy yourself flowers. Put on your best clothes and go somewhere special with just you. Enjoy being with yourself, your own Heart Self. You are a precious Adult Child of God and deserve to feel Love and Joy.