How to Start Your Own Spiritual Awareness Center

If you would like to create and support a new Spiritual Awareness Center in your community, here are some important items to consider before you begin:

  1. People: Are there at least three people or more who want to explore their spirituality together? You do not need a minister to start a Center.
  2. Location: Where will you meet? Individual homes are a good place to begin.
  3. When: What is the best time for your group to meet? Sunday morning is the traditional day. It should be a committed day and time every week.
  4. Structure: Will one person be leading the meetings, or will other people share leadership responsibilities?
  5. Finances: Who will be designated the Treasurer of the group?
  6. Advertising: How will you let people know about this new group?

After you have met for a few months and when you are ready to become an official Spiritual Awareness Center, you can apply for official recognition as an affiliate spiritual community member of the Spiritual Awareness Global Communities.

After you are officially organized, there will be resources available to your new Center, such as orders of service, suggested music, video Sunday Messages, monthly themes and inspirational readings, etc.

We welcome you to the Spiritual Awareness Global Communities Circle.

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