Peace Pole Project

Peace Poles are universal symbols of peace. There are over 200,000 peace poles in over 158 countries worldwide. SAC is working on a project to install 100 Peace Poles as our contribution to the peace effort. We currently have 37 peace poles in the project with our first peace pole planted in Ute Indian Park, Montrose, CO; three peace poles in Nepal; one in Nebraska; one in the Dennis Weaver Park, Ridgway, CO; one in the Montrose Botanic Gardens, and at homes in Montrose and neighboring towns. Plant one in your yard or town and become part of the 100 Peace Pole Project.

Each peace pole in this project contains the word “PEACE” written in languages chosen by the owner. The languages are written along each side of the pole. Languages are chosen based on family heritage, location, or personal preferences. The original message of the Global Peace Pole Project is “May Peace Prevail on Earth” and may be used instead.

You can create your own peace pole or order one online and send a photo and the address where the pole is located to Rev. Arlyn Macdonald to have your pole registered as part of this 100 Peace Pole Project.

For more information visit the World Peace Society or click the button below.