Sunday Messages

This Week’s Message

Five Blessings of Men

Last month I talked about the Five Blessings that women bring into the world. On this last Sunday of June, I would like to talk about the Five Blessings that men bring into the world. We need the blessings of both men and women to be whole human beings.

Humanity is so blessed to have the masculine energy represented in our genes. This masculine energy does more than just help to give us life. It is the bridge to the outer world, our way of experiencing this physical world of the senses. Many men in the world today do not realize their importance and the importance of using their gifts from God in positive ways. They are caught up in power.

Men bring many blessings to the world. I’m only speaking about five important blessings this morning, but you can reflect later on all the blessings that men bring into your life.

The first blessing is directive energy. This is the energy that move us into new ways of thinking and doing. Men have always been great thinkers, philosophers, theologians, scientists and cosmologists. Even their great masterpieces of art reflect this directive energy. The blessing of this directive energy is using it for good, for directing the positive into life. It is using the mind’s creativity to make a difference in the world.

The second blessing is strength, not only physical strength, but strength of mind and heart. This leads to strength of character. This blessing encourages men to be protectors. Protecting others who cannot protect themselves is compassionate action that comes from strength. This second blessing also endows men with spiritual strength to see them through any trial and to help others spiritually. It is this spiritual strength that sustains and nourishes a man, and when he shares it with others, sustains them too.

The third blessing is the ability to lead by example. This fosters not only independence but brotherhood, working together for the common good utilizing each individual’s talents. All men are born leaders, some just don’t realize it. This gift contains boldness and perseverance.

Peace making is the fourth blessing. This may seem strange because most of the military forces in the world are masculine. But the deep foundational desire to make peace is at the heart of conflict. Certainly, men get caught up in wanting to be right, but that wanting to be right is to have peace. We all want to be right in some way or another. It’s when we realize that everyone can be right that the real peace begins. Men want peace in their lives and have the blessing of being able to achieve that goal.

The fifth blessing is the keeper of the stories. Stories are myths that teach us in a different way, by making the lessons more personal, the excitement more daring. Our psyche’s need myths. It is myth that speaks to our hearts and souls. They tell of the Hero’s journeys made by our fathers and our father’s fathers. This may not seem like an important blessing, but it is critical for humanity. We want to learn from the past, not make the same mistakes over again. Our stories are important just as the keepers of our stories are important.

Men are also blessed with focused thinking and that is an additional blessing. There are many other blessings that men bring to the world. We all have both masculine energy (mind) and feminine energy (heart) and the secret is to learn how to balance them and to bring forward the energy we need for each situation and challenge.

When we pray to God sometimes we need to pray to God, the Father, other times to God, the Mother. It is taught in many religious paths that God is both masculine and feminine so we may pray to Father-Mother-God. Whatever aspect of God is important to you, open your mind and heart to the possibility that God is also the other aspect. It is important not to limit God. God is beyond any labels or understandings we have. God is unlimited potential, unlimited possibilities, unlimited Love and Power.

When you need strength and want to make peace, you can call on the divine masculine within you. The blessings of all men dwell in your own heart and mind and soul. Blessed be the divine masculine. Namaste – Rev. Arlyn

Heavenly Father, help us to see how important it is to let the divine directive energy of the divine masculine into our lives. Help us to remember to honor all men and their great contributions to the world. We bless them today and everyday. May they live long and prosper. And so, it is.