Sunday Messages

This Week’s Message

The Power of Blessings

Blessings are powerful because they are based on spiritual energy. They are powerful when we give our blessings to others and powerful when we receive them, not only from others, but especially from the Divine Spirit.

We are being lavishly blessed with richness in our lives every moment. The blessing of air we experience as we breathe in and out that sustains our lives. The blessing of our five senses to smell, taste, feel, hear, and see this incredible world of beauty that is our planet Earth.

We are so blessed to have life, to have consciousness, to be aware that we are aware. Right now, we don’t know if this consciousness is alive on any other planet in the multiverse. One day we might discover other beings with the consciousness of awareness.

Do you realize how powerful the blessing of consciousness is? You are blessed with the incredible gifts of both intuitive knowing and higher reasoning. And we are here to explore and use and grow these gifts. With consciousness comes the blessing of purpose. We are part of God’s plan for the world and the universe. We are blessed with the resources and gifts to fulfill our part of that grand plan. Each one of us is necessary for that plan to manifest. And that is a powerful blessing!

What does the word “blessing” actually mean? It comes from an Old English word that was used to translate the concept of “making something holy” from the Aramaic, the language spoken in Jesus’ time, to Latin, to German, to English, and then into other languages. To make something “holy” is to lift the energy from the material to the spiritual. And we are blessed with the gift from our Creator to be able to bless others. In other words, we have the ability to change energy to a higher, holier level.

Every time you bless someone or something, you are raising the energy of that person or that thing to the sacred. Your blessing energy helps to uplift and bring a sense of the sacred into their lives.

Blessings are not just a surface raising of energy. Blessings have several layers of energetic power. For example, when we bless a person, we love or care about, we are not only raising their spiritual energy, but also raising the energy of the love between us, the energy of the greater love in humanity, and the powerful energy of spiritual love. Blessing is not just a simple act, although it may same so. It is a complex and powerful act. And it encompasses so many other aspects not normally in our consciousness.

This is why it is important reason for us to freely give blessings. We are to bless every person who comes into our lives, whether we like them or not. Through our blessings, we uplift and strengthen the spiritual connections between us and at the same time strengthen the Web of Life. We are to bless our challenges for the same reasons.

With the new world consciousness, our blessings expand even further, and we realize that everything is connected to the Web of Life. The more we bless everything in our lives, the more we raise the collective consciousness of the world.

Receiving blessings helps to uplift and strengthen us on a personal level. The receiver is part of the blessing process. It’s an exchange of the free-flowing love energy of God. The more we give, the more we receive, and the more we have to give. And that effects the entire universe. We were created to give and receive blessings.

We’ve had some difficult challenges over the past two years with more challenges hovering on the horizon. It is in the midst of challenges that our blessings are the most needed and the most powerful.

How do blessings affect our bodies? There is a new branch of science called neurotheology, that has been researching the impact of spirituality and religion on the brain and how that effects the body. These scientists have discovered that when a person prays, is grateful, says positive affirmations, sings positive songs with others, or counts their blessings, something extraordinary happens in the brain. Two areas of the brain turn on and two areas turn off.

The two areas that turn on activate feelings of connection, of compassion, closeness to God, and Oneness, and make us feel happier and healthier. These are located in the front of the brain. The two areas that turn off focus on loneliness, separation, isolation, and negative emotions. These areas are located at the back of the brain. If you are feeling lonely, unhappy or unhealthy, you can actually turn off those areas of your brain that are causing you to feel that way and turn on the spiritual uplifting areas by simply counting your blessings, being grateful for all the good in your life and praying out loud.

When you watch or hear the challenging news and feel separation rising up within you, stop and count your blessings. Be grateful for all the blessings in your life and you will not only feel better, but you will also help to uplift the spiritual energy of the world.

Let’s make our blessings more effective. It only takes one-half of 1% of any group to affect a change in the entire group. The population of the City of Montrose is roughly 26,000. one-half of 1% of that is 130 people. We have about 100 friends and members of the Spiritual Awareness Center plus many other friends who are like minded. It would only take this small amount to shift the entire City. If we bless each other with peace every day for example, think about what that blessing could bring to all of us who live here together.

For the month of October, I invite you to join a new program that the Spiritual Awareness Center is sponsoring – The Blessing Moment. Wherever you are at mealtime, stop for a moment as you say the grace for your meal and radiate the blessings of peace and love to our community. You don’t have to do anything else, just be the peace and love and radiate. You want to feel peace and love before you radiate. Let’s go to that place right now, feel the peace and love that is in your soul, and then send it out to the people sitting next to you, to those all around you, then out to the entire city of Montrose. End with, “thank you for the blessings of peace and love.”

When we bless each other and everything in the world with peace and love we are making a powerful difference. We are raising the energy of earth to the energy of spirit. Being committed to giving and receiving blessings, your life will change. Make a commitment to do The Blessing Moment before every meal and remember blessings are powerful and can change the world. Blessings of peace and love. Namaste.