Sunday Messages

This Week’s Message

Finding the Blessing

What is a blessing? Webster’s Dictionary says that to bless is to invoke Divine care for or to make happy, so a blessing would be a prayer to make someone happy. The Dictionary of All Sciptures and Myths says a blessing is the Divine Will operating through the human consciousness. It is also the “unfailing response of the Higher Self to the aspiring and struggling lower selves.”

To me this means that Divine blessings come through our consciousness into our lives. We recognize blessings with our consciousness and feel blessings with our emotions. So, there are two parts to every blessing: the concept or idea that something is a blessing and the special feeling that arises when we are blessed.

Through our consciousness we understand the thoughts that we are blessed, and we can count our blessings out loud or take out a pen and paper and list our blessings. In fact, many spiritual traditions recommend we do this every day – listing our blessings. We can visually see just how many blessings we receive and know we are rich in blessings. It’s a great daily exercise to do with our first cup of morning coffee. And makes a difference in our day.

Because emotions follow thought, as we write we can feel a sense of specialness rising in our hearts that makes us feel good and loved. For we surely are. Any time this special feeling appears we are experiencing a blessing. Sometimes it is a fleeting feeling, but sometimes we are aware enough to be able to savor our blessings.

Blessings are fun. We can look back in the past and remember all the wonderful blessings we have received, we can savor our blessings in the present, and we can look forward to more blessings in the future and rejoice when they come to us.

But there is another part to the concept of blessings – that is, we are to invoke blessings for others. When we say “bless you” to another person, we are invoking the Divine good for their lives. “Bless you” also means we invoke happiness for you. We should be lavish in blessing others.

We should also bless ourselves, especially the Inner Child who lives within each of us. Our Inner Child deserves to be blessed with Divine good and blessings of happiness. We can put our hands on our hearts to bless our Inner Child. In fact, do that right now. Put your hands on your heart and bless your Inner Child. Do this often during the day and before you go to sleep at night. Your dreams will be full of blessings.

Not only should we bless other people, but also our companion animals, the wild animals and birds, the trees and flowers growing in our yards, the rocks, the rivers, the mountains, the clouds, the sky, the fire, the air we breathe, everything in Mother Nature. We are so blessed to be here on this Blue Planet in the midst of this incredible Universe! Sharing blessings at every opportunity also opens our hearts to receive more blessings and increases the power of our blessings.

One last point about finding blessings. We came to this earth to learn how to meet challenges and grow more fully into our spiritual selves. One of the ways we do this is to change our perspectives about challenges. Looking for and finding the blessings in each challenge helps us find resolutions more easily. I know looking for blessings in the midst of challenges is really difficult. We don’t even feel like looking for them. It takes both mind and heart to reveal the blessings in the middle of challenges. It’s a cooperative effort. And looking for and finding blessings is a great resource tool to help us stay on our spiritual path.

We can also practice finding blessings by looking for and finding the blessings in every person, even those we are inclined to feel negative about. Each person, each part of nature, each circumstance in our life is sacred and has a reason for being here. They are all blessings. We just have to open our eyes, remember we are here to invoke the Divine, and feel and share blessings. May you be blessed with Love, Joy, and Peace today and every day. Namaste.