Direct Giving

Giving and receiving are the two sides of blessings. We are so blessed to receive all the good that comes into our life and are blessed to give a portion of those blessings to others. This is the serving part of spirituality. You give directly of your blessings when you share with others in service. Sometimes you contribute goods, or food, or a kind smile, or a helping hand. At other times you contribute to organizations that provide help for those in need.

In Person: All donations are appreciated during the in-person Sunday Services. We are so grateful for all of your donations.

By Mail: You may also send in your contributions by mail. We are so grateful for all your generous donations.

Sunday Services Mailing Address
Temporarily Closed
Donations Always Welcome
TIME: 11:00AM (MT)
LOCATION: Lions Park Community Building
602 N. Nevada Street
Montrose, CO 81401
Spiritual Awareness Center
P.O. Box 804
Montrose, CO 81401-0804