Peace Pole Project

Peace Poles Installed: 34 and Peace Poles to Go: 66.

Peace Pole Gathering Picture

Peace Pole #32: DeSoto, KS

Peace Pole #33: Ridgway, CO

Peace Pole #34: Ute Indian Museum, Montrose, CO

The Spiritual Awareness Center, with the Western Colorado Friends of the Himalayas, other organizations and individuals, are sponsoring a new project to plant 100 Peace Poles in our communities. The original boundaries of this project have been extended to include any community in any country. We now have 3 Peace Poles in Nepal as part of this project.

Peace Poles in the 100 Peace Pole Project have the word PEACE inscribed on all sides in 4 to 8 different languages of the owner's choice. Peace poles are 4 feet, 6 feet, or 8 feet in length and come stained in a natural wood color. You may create your own Peace Pole, order one from the project, or order online.

Individuals, businesses, service and community groups, schools, churches, and cities are encouraged to plant Peace Poles. To be included in this project, Peace Poles should be registered with the Spiritual Awareness Center. All Peace Poles officially registered will receive a free Dedication ceremony by members of the Peace Pole Committee (depending on location) and a Certificate of Participation in the 100 Peace Pole Project. A Book of Peace Poles and locations will be kept at the Ute Indian Museum in Montrose, CO. Locations of the 100 Peace Poles will appear on Google Maps.

The first Peace Pole was planted in in our community in Ute Indian Park. It was dedicated in 2007 and since that time has been a popular gathering place for groups and individuals seeking a quiet place to meditate on peace. Regular Prayer Gatherings on the Equinoxes and Solstices and other important occasions are also held there.

To order your Peace Pole with your selection of languages, call 970-252-0908. To register your Peace Pole in the 100 Peace Pole Project, send photo of owners and installed pole and detailed information about ownership and location to The Reverend Doctor Arlyn Macdonald.