Infinite Possibilities

New Peace Pole Dedication

photo of native american tepee

Members of SAC joined with the Scouts, Ute Indian Drummers, the Friends of the Ute Indian Museum, and the Western Colorado Friends of the Himalayas for the dedication of the new Peace Pole in Ute Indian Park. The previous Peace Pole, installed and dedicated in 2007, was deteriorating from harsh weather conditions. The new pole contains the original languages plus Braille of the message, "May Peace Prevail on Earth." Members of the Ute Tribe prayed and blessed the new pole as it stands in silent vigil for peace in our community. The original Peace Pole will be weather-proofed and relocated to another place on the museum grounds. The dedication was the kick-off event for a community festival hosted by the museum. One of the many fun activities was to help decorate a new tipi with handprints.

New Expanded Prayer Partner Circle Begins

photo of praying hands

During the pandemic more people were in need of prayer. To meet this need SAC expanded the Prayer Partner Circle by establishing a prayer circle of volunteers who would pray for those in need every week. People can now request prayers through our website and email, contact a volunteer, or in person. Prayers lists are sent out at the beginning of each week and volunteers pray for those in need on their own time and in their own sacred way. Special prayer cards designed by Bill Porter are sent to those in need by request. If you are interested in becoming a Prayer Partner or placing a name on the prayer list, contact Rev. Arlyn.