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Spiritual Development Institute Awards Diplomas.

Kate and Arlyn Receive Diplomas Picture

The Spiritual Development Institute was pleased to award a Masters in Spiritual Studies to Catharine Gates at recent graduation ceremonies. Catharine Gates will be ordained as a minister of the Spiritual Awareness Global Communities on February 4th and will join the Circle of Ministers at the Spiritual Awareness Center. Her ministry will be spiritual life counseling. She has successfully completed three years of ministerial studies and two practicums through the Institute and was unanimously recommended for graduation and ordination by the SAC Council. She serves on the Council and as a reader for Sunday Services. She will be opening her own spiritual counseling service in the near future.

Rev. Arlyn Macdonald received a Ph. D. in Spiritual Education. She is the founding minister of the Spiritual Awareness Center, has served as the Senior Minister for the past 13 years and as Dean of the Spiritual Development since its founding. She has created the education programs and classes for the Ministerial, Spiritual Life Counseling, and Healing Arts tracks. She also coordinates Sunday Classes, Sharing Wisdom Classes and community workshops. For her thesis project, she wrote a book on ceremonies and rituals that is now in the process of being published. It will be available in the future through the Spiritual Awareness Center, with a portion of the purchase of the book going to the Center. Catharine Gates is the illustrator for the book.

Happy Birthday to the Spiritual Awareness Center.

Celebrating the Spiritual Awareness Center's Birthday Picture

Thirteen years ago, a small group of people came together with a unique idea to support and nurture each individual's connection to the Divine Spirit by forming a spiritual community that would honor and respect all religions and spiritual paths and be a place for seekers of all ages to come and learn about awakening consciousness. Thank you to all those far-sighted people who had the strength and conviction to take action on this new interfaith idea. During these 13 years, SAC has founded a school, the Spiritual Development Institute, created the Week of Unity and Peace for the community, contributed to the welfare of the greater community by establishing the Great Community Giveaway held twice a year, founded the Open-Heart Drum Circle, and sponsored outstanding speakers and programs, while continuing its interfaith mission. We look forward to continuing this important work for peace in our community and in the world.