This Week's Sunday Message

The Blessings of Women

Reverend Arlyn Macdonald Picture

As human beings we all have a mixture of characteristics that science has divided between the terms, masculine and feminine, mind and heart, or men and women. During the month of May, we will be exploring our Divine feminine qualities and during June we will explore our Divine Masculine qualities. I call these characteristics or qualities – blessings. All of these blessings are powerful and are to be honored.

The first blessing of women is their ability to create HOME. HOME is not a place filled with material things, but an attitude, an energy, an atmosphere that brings us comfort, peace, and harmony. When things go wrong, where do we want to go? HOME. When we just can't go on and need some space and time and comfort, where do we want to go? HOME. This intangible essence of comfort and happiness is the shadow of our real HOME, our heavenly, the HOME that is our deepest longing. Because women are closer to the inner spiritual world we came from, they are blessed with the ability to create our Home away from Home until our spirits can return there.

The next blessing of women is walking in beauty. Women walk in beauty to remind us all that beauty is a Divine essence. Beauty is harmony, peace, wonder, contentment, power, and joy, besides just being pleasing to the eye. It should not be made to hide away under black clothing. Living in a HOME that is beautiful is only part of walking in beauty. Every step we take on this Earth should be in beauty from the way we put our foot to the earth, to the balance of heart, mind and soul as we take each step. That is true beauty. That is true joy. Beauty is a blessing of women.

Softness is another blessing of women. Softness is not a weakness, but a strength. We need softness to offset the harshness and hardness of life. Women soften the extremes of life, from the soft roundness of their bodies to the softness of their voices and spirits. We all need to soften the edges of life to feel the beauty of life. Softness is also the path to the spiritual. It is a releasing of grit and sharpness to be able to merge softly and gently into Spirit.

Unconditional love is another blessing. This is the basic and most powerful form of love that comes directly from the heart. Love at its core is soft, tender, gentle, warm, and nourishing. You can feel this kind of love when you hug a woman. It flows over us, interpenetrating all our cells, flooding every part of us with its essence. Mothers use this unconditional love with their children and all of life. We never outgrow our need and desire for a mother's love.

Another blessing is perseverance. I love that the latest Mars rover is named Perseverance. What is perseverance? It is always being there, always trying, always striving for the highest good of all. Perseverance is a soft power in the world. Evidence of this kind of power is the gentle river that flows continuously across the earth, carving majestic canyons. Just look at the Black Canyon and you will see perseverance in action.

Tears are another blessing of women. Tears are an expression of the heart. They are emotions dripping from the soul. Tears cleanse, soften, and release. Tears should be allowed to flow freely until they have done their work. It is said that women cry more easily than men, but that it isn't necessarily true. All human beings have this resource for releasing and cleansing. Tears also show that hearts have been touched, that the Love of God has been activated.

Emotional intelligence is also a blessing of women. Science is now expanding its research on intelligence and discovering intelligence is not just mental or all from the mind. There is so much more to intelligence. Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to understand without engaging the mental processes. Intuition is a part of emotional intelligence – when you just know something and don't know how you know it. Another blessing of women is body intelligence. What is that intelligence that women have that brings forth and nourishes life? What blessing tells a woman's body to grow a new human being?

Receptiveness is another blessing of women and there are so many more blessings we don't have time to explore this morning. Receptiveness is the gift of being open, of being able to accept and absorb. Sometimes women allow themselves to accept and absorb more than they should. We have to learn when to say "no" to keep ourselves in balance and in our power. The feminine power is receptiveness that balances the directiveness of the masculine. It is the balance the Chinese call Yin and Yang and is symbolized by the equal white and black tear drops that form a whole circle. Receptiveness is all about integration. This blessing of women is the ability to integrate all of life into a wholeness.

Looking at women from the spiritual perspective of the blessings they bring to life gives us a new sense of their value and worth. Women are equal human beings, but they are different. They have different blessings, different attributes, different powers. We need women to be in their power so they can work along side men to create this new world with compassion and joy.

This week if you are a woman, I invite you to think more about your Divine blessings and how you can honor and empower yourself to make full use of them to become whole. If you are a man, I invite you to make a shift in your perspective to see and acknowledge and honor the blessings of the women in your life to support their wholeness. We need each other to be powerful and strong so we can create this new world together. May the Creator's blessings be upon all women and all men. Namaste.

Let us pray: Heavenly Spirit of Creation, we are so grateful for women and their blessings. May we always honor and appreciate the miracle of Your Love through honoring and appreciating all the women in our lives. Thank you for this blessing and all the blessings of our lives. And so, it is. Pau.