This Week's Sunday Message

Oh, My God! And More

Reverend Arlyn Macdonald Picture

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! How many times do we say this phrase each week? We usually say it when something awesome happens or a tragedy explodes in front of us. Oh, my God!

This is a message about Oh, my God! That came on the website I told you about a few weeks ago. They have uplifting videos, meditations and exercises to keep you happy.

I watched a TED talk video in which the presenter said, "Oh, my God!" And he gave this interpretation I wanted to share with you this morning. Pawl Fareena's words caught my attention. "Oh, my God." He says that this is a great celebration phrase and important to understand why.

The "Oh" part catches our attention immediately. Our inner self stops and waits for what is to follow. Say "oh" a couple of times. That's what he means.

The "my" part is how we direct our heart to open and be ready to make a connection. It's the invitation to connect with whatever is coming. It's a personal invitation, calling for alignment of all parts of us to pay attention because something important is about to happen that will connect us to something greater. Say "my" a couple of times. Feel how opens your own heart.

The "God" part reminds us of our personal spiritual journey, he says. I understand this to mean all of the mystery that is beyond us that we are on the journey to find. It opens up the universe to us through this event that has first caught our attention and then opened our hearts to connect with it. The event we are connecting with is an opportunity to fill our minds, hearts and souls with the experience.

With this new understanding, let's say the phrase again out loud. Oh... alerting our inner self. My... open our hearts. God... connecting with the Divine. Oh, my God!

Fareena is a photographer who has studied light all his life to be able to bring to us the incredible pictures of flowers unfolding, of shadows dancing across the mountains, and the wonder in the faces of all people. His is a Universe of Light and he says that is what we celebrate when we say, "Oh, my God." We are connecting with the Universe that celebrates Light. And what is even more astounding is that our eyes see only a small part of the Light that fills the Universe. He compared it to music. In music you can hear different octaves, but humans can only see one octave of Light.

What would our lives be like if we could see beyond that one octave of Light? Perhaps there is more to Light than we can comprehend. Perhaps Light is also about understanding, understanding the Universe as God understands it and sees it in all its glory. When we can comprehend and see all the Light in this octave, God will open up our eyes and we will see the next one. We will evolve into a greater Light. And perhaps this is where we are going in our evolution.

We talk about learning how to live in love, peace and joy with forgiveness and compassion for all beings as the ultimate goal. Maybe when we achieve that our eyes will be opened to more of the experience of God. So many people being born in the last 50 years and today are seeing the world, the universe with different eyes. If you want to be blown away about this idea of seeing the universe differently, just watch some of the TED talks. You can see them on YouTube. There is so much about the progress humanity is making that isn't realized in our every day lives, although we see more and more of the technology appearing.

Yes, we are making great technological progress, but we must also make progress in our humanity and that means we must reach for more illumination. We still have wars, we still kill each other, beat up the other when we don't get our way, fill up our oceans with plastic, allow homelessness and hunger, and abuse children, women and anyone weaker than we are just to feel the power for a split second in time.

All of these things when faced with illumination will be shown for what they are – things we want to release. These things no longer serve us. And we can choose to forgive ourselves for doing hurtful acts and make the releasing more powerful.

It's not the words, but the feelings in our hearts that move the quantum stuff of the universe. We can draw compassion into our lives and the lives of those we want to forgive by opening up our connection to God and releasing all the hurt to the Divine process where it will be transformed into good.

Forgiveness also supports happiness just as looking at happy videos or doing happy exercises, or meditating or sharing love, or just being in the Presence transforms us.

This year our theme is illumination. How can we open to the Light of God in our lives this year? How can we illuminate all the parts of us that have been in darkness and bring them out into the Light so we can see clearly? Illumination is like the light bulb that goes on in your brain when something becomes clear. Illumination is like the overwhelming feeling of Love that fills us when we are touched by the presence of God expressed into our lives. Illumination is the deep knowing of our souls that unfolds our humanity into a more beautiful flower.

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." –Harold Whitman. This is saying the same thing in a little different way.

I invite you to think about this theme for the new year as we go through the coming months. The messages from these prophets, sages, and teachers are all about illumination. We are privileged to be reminded once again that God is Light. And each time we say, "Oh, my God" we will remember that we are connecting once again with that Light. Namaste.