Spirit Alive! Study Group

The Spirit Alive! Study Group will be meeting again on Sundays at 9:45AM (NEW TIME) beginning May 2, 2021. All health safety guidelines will be followed.

This Month's Book: "For the Love of God: Handbook for the Spirit" edited by Benjamin Shield and Richard Carlson (foreword by Marianne Williamson).

Ray of Light Picture

The Spirit Alive! Study Group meets every Sunday morning at 9:45AM (new time) at Lions Park Community Building before the Quiet Meditation. Our focus is on exploring new ways to live spiritually.

We share the reading of the current book and discuss the impact of the teachings and experiences from our own lives. Everyone is welcome to join the group at any time.

"In this wonderfully diverse collection of original writing, an extraordinary group of thinkers and teachers celebrate their personal experiences of the divine... For the Love of God gathers some of the most revered late-twentieth-century teachers in religion and psychology to provide much needed spiritual nourishment. As the Dalai Lama writes, 'Human beings need spiritual as well as material sustenance. Without spiritual sustenance, it is difficult to get and maintain peace of mind. The purpose of religion is not to argue over which is best.'"

Join us on Sunday mornings to learn more about the wisdom that comes from the spiritual experiences of these great world teachers and share our own diverse spiritual experiences.