Join the Prayer Partners Circle

Be a Part of the Healing of the World in 2021

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You are invited to join a new global prayer program for 2021 to help in the healing of the world. Many people of the world are in need of healing in these times. Our goal is to have people from all faiths from all over the world praying for those in need. Our diversity will make our prayers more powerful. You can be a part of this healing through your prayers.

Prayers are offered from the heart according to each person’s faith. There is no set format for the prayers except to pray for the healed condition, i.e., good health, prosperity, etc. All faiths are invited to join in this global project.

  • Become a Prayer Partner and pray for those in need on a weekly basis. Names of those in need will be sent out via email to all Prayer Partners. You are invited to pray in your own way for those in need or join the Global Prayer Time on Wednesdays at 11:00AM in your time zone. We will pray for those in need for two weeks.
  • Prayer Cards will be sent out to all those requesting one for themselves or others in need. Name and address are required in order to send a card.
  • Other prayer groups, churches, and spiritual organizations are invited to join the Prayer Partners Circle to expand and energize the power of prayer for healing.

Sign up by sending your name and e-mail address to Prayer Partners. A valid email address is required in order for you to receive an acknowledgement or a personal prayer response.

Request a Prayer

Send an Email or Use the Contact Links Below

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The easiest way to request a prayer is to send an email to Prayer Request

Please include the type of prayer you would like and your name and mailing address if you would like a prayer card sent to you. For your privacy and safety, please do not post prayer requests to any social media websites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).