Ministerial Classes

Are you called to be a minister?

Ministers Getting Ordained Picture

The Ministerial School is a three year study program for students interested in becoming ordained ministers with the Spiritual Awareness Global Communities or for those who desire a more spiritual course of study for self-development. A formal application is required. Students admitted to the program should be committed to this extensive study. Also required is a six-week Internship with the Spiritual Awareness Center and a six-week Community Service Practicum.

Class costs are based on duration, instructor requirements, and other factors. Generally, each class will cost $60.00 for a six-week course. Longer or special classes may have different costs. Students should check the course description for actual costs.

The Spiritual Development Institute, the education branch of the Spiritual Awareness Center, is developing online ministerial classes which will be available in the near future. If you are interested in becoming an online ministerial student, contact the Dean.