Events and Programs

Everyone is welcome at the Spiritual Awareness Center.

Summer Music Concert Picture

Exchanging information, experiences, thoughts and feelings is an important part of spiritual growth. Discussion groups and the new blogs provide opportunities to share with others who understand and support this process. Young people need to have their spiritual questions answered. They need to know that the Truth takes different forms, but is still the Truth. Comments and questions are always welcome.

In addition to the Discussion Groups, the Spiritual Awareness Center sponsors community events such as the twice yearly Great Community Giveaway and the Week of Unity and Peace in September. Various other events are sponsored during the year.

You are welcome to personally attend the Spirit Alive! Study Group and Chai Chats at any time. These are open and friendly groups that encourage the sharing of spiritual journeys. The many uplifting and inspirational books and topics that are discussed open up new avenues for change.

The Open Heart Drum Circle is an interactive experience for people of all ages. Everyone is welcome to join in the drumming regardless of drumming experience. Extra instruments are available to borrow. The drumming circle meets on the first Sunday of every month following lunch (around 1:00PM). The drum circle is also available for other community events.

Notice: During the COVID restrictions, we are having monthly Drumming Services instead of Drum Circles until further notice. Please join us on the first Sunday of each month for our Drumming Services.