Open Heart Drum Circle

The Open-Heart Drum Circle will be meeting during the Sunday Enrichment Services on the first Sunday of each month at 11:00AM at the Lions Park Community Building until further notice. Drumming Circles will resume when it is safe again to meet as a circle. All health and safety guidelines will be followed.

Drumming brings all your body systems into harmony and you feel balanced and whole.

Drum Circle Picture

The drummers generally meet the first Sunday of every month at 1:00PM at the Lions Park Community Building, 602 N. Nevada, Montrose, CO.

The Open Heart Drum Circle welcomes everyone to experience the art of drumming. Drumming is the world's oldest music and science has now discovered that drumming brings various systems in the body and brain into harmony. You can actually feel the difference after a drumming session.

The drum sessions consist of rounds of drumming with each participant taking the lead in setting the beat for that round. Drumming generates energy and after each round the leader designates where the blessing prayer and the energy will go. If the energy is not directed it simply dissipates into the atmosphere. The first round always goes to bless the Four Directions in honor of the traditional roots of the drumming circle. A new addition to the harmonizing drumming rounds is the singing of old traditional folk songs accompanied by the drums. This is a new project to help preserve the old folk songs and to teach them to the children of the new generations.

Participants may bring their own drums or rhythm instruments or use one of the instruments provided by the Drum Circle. No experience is necessary to join the drumming circle. If you can count, you can drum. This is a great family program and people of all ages are welcome to drum.

Drop-ins are welcome. The Drum Circle also performs with interactive drumming circles at various community events, nursing homes, and assisted living centers.