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Spiritual Awareness Center
P.O. Box 804
Montrose, CO 81402-0804

The Spiritual Awareness Center gladly accepts any and all donations in the form of volunteered time, goods or services, and financial. Please consider us in your charitable contributions every year.

Please send us an email using the form below if you would like to volunteer your time or offer some goods or services for our membership. Any monetary contributions must be processed by the PayPal link to the right or in person at the Sunday service. Please do not enter your credit card or other financial information in the volunteer/goods/services form below.

The Spiritual Awareness Center is a duly organized religious organization under the State of Colorado and recognized by the Federal Government as a church.

You can also help us by recycling inkjet cartridges and small electronic gadgets through our Planet Green Recycle program. Bring your printer ink cartridges or small electronic items to any Celebration Service or other event and give them to Rev. Arlyn Macdonald. For more information please go to our Planet Green Recycle page.

Sign up on the City Market Cares website to enter your shopper ID into the Community Rewards program supporting the Spiritual Awareness Center. For more information, go to our City Market Cares page.