Spiritual Development Institute

Spiritual development for everyone.

Teaching a Class Picture

The Spiritual Development Institute is the school of the Spiritual Awareness Center. It is an alternative educational concept dedicated to encouraging and supporting individual spiritual growth, self-discovery, community sharing, and leadership training.

Sunday Classes: Interesting and informative short classes on various subjects. Cost: Free.

Sharing Wisdom Classes: Opportunities to learn new skills, be introduced to new ideas, and share wisdom. Cost: $5.00.

Foundation Classes: Spiritual classes that invite discussion and opinions on the core values of spiritual seekers. Cost: Free.

Spiritual Awakening Classes: Explore spirutal subjects that awaken the consciousness> Cost: $5.00.

Spiritual Life Counseling Classes: Become a Spiritual Life Counselor through this two and a half year certificate program. Cost: Varies.

Ministerial Classes: A comprehensive three year program for those interested in becoming an ordained minister. Cost: Varies.