Spiritual Development Institute

Spiritual development for everyone.

Teaching a Class Picture

The Spiritual Development Institute is the school of the Spiritual Awareness Center. It is an alternative educational concept dedicated to encouraging and supporting individual spiritual growth, self-discovery, community sharing, and leadership training. We are combining all of our continuing spiritual education classes into one category called "Illumination Classes." Everything we teach and learn brings more Light into our lives.

Contact Dr. Arlyn Macdonald, Dean for more information about classes at 970-252-0908.

Illumination Classes: These interesting and informative short classes are for people interested in continuing their spiritual education. Cost: Free.

Spiritual Life Counseling Classes: Become a Spiritual Life Counselor through this two-and-a-half-year certificate program. Cost: Varies.

Spiritual Education Classes: These classes are for those interested in learning more about spirituality and the deeper understanding of its various aspects. All Ministerial and Spiritual Life Counseling students will take these foundational courses in their first year. Cost: Varies.

Ministerial Classes: A comprehensive three-year program for those interested in becoming an ordained minister. Cost: Varies.