Celebration of the Divine Child


Welcome to the Spiritual Awareness Center’s online resource. Our mission is to CHANGE LIVES by integrating the spiritual with heart, mind and body to help you become a fully integrated human being. We do this through learning, sharing, serving and growing. We are a spiritual community for people of all faiths, genders, preferences, ages, races and cultures. We support you on your own unique spiritual path and honor where you are right now. We invite you to join us in building a new world of peace and compassion. Blessings for your life!

Weekly Affirmation: I am creative, joyful, and grateful to celebrate my Divine Child within.


LEARNING: Let the first thought you have in the morning and the last thought you think before you go to sleep be thoughts of gratitude. Be mindful during the day of all your blessings and say “Thank you” often to the Creator. 

SHARING: This month we are sharing through our Wisdom Circles. From falling out of a raft while running the rapids, “K" learned to trust Spirit in difficult situations. “D" shared the resources we have in our community. “S" shared what she has been learning about her inner child. “L" taught us that God is always with us. “R" shared how important it is to release those things we cannot change. “KY" talked about the bonds we have as sisters and brothers. 

SERVING: We are serving our community by sponsoring the Prosperity Yard Sale and preparing for the Week of Unity and Peace September 19th through the 27th, 2015. More news about this later.

GROWING: The members of our spiritual family are looking at the new vision "CHANGING LIVES–NOURISHING THE SPIRIT" and we express this new vision through everything we do. That includes reaching out to those who visit our website. Contact
Rev. Arlyn for information or inspiration.

Prayer is a conduit for miracles. It addresses the problems of the world at their source. It changes people at a cellular level, and with each one who changes, others are brought miraculously closer to enlightenment.
—  His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

God is everywhere and in everything and without God we cannot exist…if you don’t believe in God you can help others by doing works of love, and the fruit of these works are the extra graces that come into your soul. 
—  Mother Teresa

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